Thanks for your interest in SoulSpring Energy Healing.

I practice a hands-on tradition that brings opening and balance to the energy field and deepens the higher-self connection, promoting the potential for increased happiness, self-healing, and alignment with life purpose.

This energy therapy incorporates holistic healing methods that focus on the subtle energy structures of the body (aura, chakras, meridians) and their connection to the higher-self to remove blocks to physical, emotional and spiritual health.

I chose SoulSpring as the name of my practice, because I think it reflects the deeper nature of our relationship to our bodies, our lives and the World. All healing is the removal of limitations to the awareness of our essential nature, our consciousness, our being. To me energy is consciousness, and my practice is about coming together with clients through consciousness to create wellness. It is about awakening to and enlivening our natural abundance, and the innate intelligence of our Being.

Energy healing has deeply transformed my life and my understanding of what it means to be well, to be whole, and to simply be. I believe that beingness is that infinite well of divine grace, love and experience that creates each one of us every moment, every day.

Energy Healing is appropriate for
Illness • Injury • Interior Struggles • Life Transitions • Births and Deaths

Stephanie is trained in the Sahaj Method of Energy Healing, and is experienced in the The Work of Byron Katie, Continuum Movement, meditation, Radiance Healing, Enneagram personality typing, flower essence therapy (Perelandra), and is an ongoing student of Eastern and Christian mystical theology.

Educated in the liberal arts and sciences, Stephanie has 25 years  in retail and business management, and is currently employed as Manager of  the School of Sahaj Energy Healing in Bozeman, Montana.



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